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Commodities List

  • Type: anthracite, bituminous, subbituminous, lignite
  • Supplier: Vinacomin (monopolist)
  • Quality: various
  • Price competitiveness: high
Oil & Gas
  • Type: LNG, CNG, LPG
  • Supplier: PV Gas (monopolist)
  • Quality: various
  • Price competitiveness: high
Steel Sheet
  • Type: zinc coated, aluminum coated, color coated, steel pipe, structured steel
  • Supplier: Hoa Sen Group (Top 1)
  • Quality: medium high
  • Price competitiveness: medium
Construction Steel
  • Type: mild, rebar, structural
  • Supplier: Hoa Phat Group (Top 1)
  • Quality: High
  • Price competitiveness: high

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